Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My First Vendor Booth!

The restaurant I work at, Old Chicago, hosts an annual event called Rocktoberfest. They clear out the parking lot and host bands and vendors all for the purpose of supporting breast cancer research. I just happened to be working one night when the planners came to the restaurant for a meeting. I overheard them and thought it would be a great opportunity to sell my stuff- especially since I already donate to breast cancer research with a few items in my store. I chatted with one guy and gave him my card. Well, he just emailed me and said I can have a booth! I'm way excited! There is no booth fee, I was just asked to donate 20% of my sales back to the cause. Duh! No problem! I'm so excited! So, I've got quite a bit to get ready before September 25-26, 2009. I want to have a bunch of stuff ready! Wish me luck and lots of sales!

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