Thursday, July 16, 2009

Handmade Pay It Forward

So, I'm new to this whole blogging thing, but I am really enjoying it. It all began with following some blogs of people I'm also following on Twitter. Thanks to Jess from Epheriell Designs, I am participating in this awesome Handmade Pay It Forward. Click here for her original blog on this. She chose me to receive something handmade by her. I am still waiting for my package (it takes a while to go from Australia to the US), but I want to get the ball rolling here!


In order to participate in this, there are a few requirements:

1. I will choose an undisclosed number of people who comment on this post to send a gift to. This gift I have made with my own hands, and with love.

2. If you choose to comment, and you receive a gift from me, you commit yourself to Paying It Forward.

3. You must then make a post on your blog, making the same offer to your readers.

4. On your blog post, you must include this list of requirements (basically, all the text between the asterisks). You choose how many people you Pay It Forward to – though it would be nice if it was more than one. However, I realize that some of you make high-end or expensive wares, and I don’t want to exclude you from participating by setting a minimum number above one.

5. In each of your packages, as well as your gift, please include a minimum of 5 business cards (if you have them). Also include the business cards that you received in your gift – this allows every recipient to visit the people who’s generosity brought Handmade Pay It Forward to them.

6. Finally, in your PIF blog post, include the history of your gift – i.e. the name and blog of all the people before you in the journey.

Handmade Pay It Forward 2009 – Those that gave before me: Jess from EpheriellDesigns, Danielle from Beautiful Schlopp

7. Please only participate once. Obviously, if you haven’t received a gift within a few weeks of leaving a comment on a PIF post, you can probably assume you missed out that time, and try again if you see it elsewhere :) This keeps the PIF goodness spreading to new people! I think I will start a new one once a year… but we’ll see how this evolves!

Please use this button on your blog to share that you have participated!



Well, there we have it! I don't have to many followers yet, so hopefully this will also get the word out about my blog here as well! Let the fun begin!


  1. I left a comment the other day, don't know why it didn't register.
    I love the "Pay it Forward" idea. Count me in.
    I hope we get a lot of followers here. It is fantastic. Good for you to promote handmade in this way and will look forward to more comments.

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