Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What is Beautiful Schlopp?

Beautiful Schlopp is anything I make out of glass. I feel that I create 'beautiful-yet-sloppy', intentionally messy glass art. It's meant to look a little 'off' or casual. Being the mother of 2 young children, I rarely have the occasion to wear fancy jewelry. So, I create things I can wear. Glass is durable, so the kids can't break it (usually *grin*). And my designs are great for every day wear. They can be dressed up for those rare nights out, but can easily be paired with jeans and a T-shirt (practically my uniform).

As for where the name Beautiful Schlopp came from... that has to do with my kids also. Mainly my first, my son, Liam. After having him, I changed all my online IDs (e-mail address, MySpace, etc.) to Mommy2Liam. Once I had my daughter, Lyla, I was no longer ONLY Mommy2Liam, so I decided to change all the IDs again. I didn't want to continue with the whole Mommy thing, so I started looking around and thinking of another title. The inspiration came from both my son and Dr. Seuss. Enter this book:

At the time, this was one of my son's FAVORITE books. I can't even remember what the record number of days in a row we read that. But right there on page 7 is where I took Beautiful Schlopp from.
"Schlopp. Schlopp. Beautiful Schlopp.
Beautiful Schlopp with a cherry on top."

And after reading those lines, my son would always mimic in a silly, purposefully high-pitched voice, "a cherry on top!"

And THAT is where I found Beautiful Schlopp. I actually had claimed it before I even started working with glass (we'll save that for another blog), but I have come to embrace it and feel that it represents me and what I create perfectly.

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