Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

We carved pumpkins tonight! The kids got to do a couple with my mom while she was babysitting the other day, but we did family ones tonight! Liam chose a Mandalorian (we're really into Star Wars at our house) and hubby chose Boba Fett (another Star Wars). Lyla chose Snow White and I decided to do the witch with the apple for Snow White.

Mark helped Liam (read: Mark carved the whole thing while Liam jumped around excited), then carved his own. I ended up carving Lyla's (she's only 2).

Both the kids did enjoy pulling out the guts, though!

I'm really happy with how my Snow White turned out.

Here are all the finished pumpkins! The top ones are the ones we made today and the bottom ones are the ones the kids made with my mom.

- Danielle from Beautiful Schlopp Art Glass and Jewelry

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  1. Those pumpkins are great!
    You are right snow white turned out really well.

    and congrats you won my October blog giveaway!