Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sinus Surgery

So, Thursday, October 1st I had surgery on my sinuses. I'd been having trouble breathing at night and I snore horribly. It's gotten worse over the years and I had come to realize that one reason I'm tired all the time is because I work so hard to breathe at night. So, I went to an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist. He had a CT scan done on me and we discovered that I had a chronic infection which had caused some of my sinus cavities to become blocked. It had also trapped air in those cavities causing my headaches. As the pressure changed with the weather, the air trapped in my head expanded and contracted. Ouch time.

So, we scheduled surgery. The idea of getting my problems fixed was very exciting, but I have to admit I did get nervous the closer my surgery came. I'd never had any kind of surgery, I've never been put to sleep with anesthesia, and the only time I've really spent any time in a hospital was to have my kids! But I got through it without any problems!

The first day was rough because I had packing in my nose. I pretty much stayed in bed and took my pain medicine as soon as I could. I was up just about every hour through the night getting sips of water because my mouth got dry from breathing through it. I had the packing taken out the next day and that made a big difference. Not as much pressure in my sinuses. I hadn't realized just how bad my problem had been until I found out there are only 5 sinus cavities (per side) and I had 4 (each side) that were blocked. Now I'm just on the road to recovery. It feels like a really bad cold where everything is all stuffed up with an occasional headache. I can't blow my nose yet, but I use a nasal saline spray, like, 10 times a day to keep it all moist and flush out the junk. It may be TMI, but I have had some pretty nasty chunks of stuff come out of my nose already.

So, that's what I've been up to the past couple days. Mark has done a great job of making me rest and taking care of the kids. He got me a bunch of movies and I've got the newest Dan Brown book, so I'm all set. Please send me quick recovery thoughts and prayers (but not too quick! I like this being-waited-on stuff!).

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    So sorry to hear about your surgery, but is sounds like it's has really helped. My Dad had this same surgery a few years ago, his sinuses were as blocked as yours. Not a fun recovery, but it really helped him. Hope you're feeling better soon, so you can get out and about looking adorable in your cute new hair bobbies and earrings!