Monday, August 10, 2009

Charities and Christenings

So, I've been working a LOT lately. I wait tables and we've got servers leaving for college as well as a couple who have been training to switch to bartending. We're down 5 servers right now which means I'm working doubles and incredible close to overtime (very out of the ordinary for servers to reach that). But, I have found the time to complete a couple projects amidst my crazy work schedule. One was actually FOR work!

Old Chicago (the restaurant I work at) participated in a charity event called Martinis for Mosaic. The day before the event my manager asked if I'd be able to help make something to go along with the 'Mosaic' part for them to display things on at our table. One day! I'd usually give a deadline of 4-8 WEEKS! But I agreed and even brought materials into work so I could get going on it (since I had to work 2 of the 3 shifts in between when he asked and when they needed it!). I pulled through and made a neat mosaic on a tray for them to display our martini on (Pomegranate Mojitos). Here it is! I would have liked to do it a little different to make the letters stand out more, but this was all that time had to offer.
I also had my nephew's baptism this weekend. The first baptism we had after I got into glass, I made a stained glass cross for our present. Well, it's turned into our 'thing'. Any baptism we go to, I make a One of a Kind stained glass cross to give. Here's the one I made for my nephew. I had fun adding a few embelishments. The white was a little overpowering once I finished, so I added the twisted wire circle (crown of thorns?) in the center and added the solder dots to hold it in place and decorate.
Hope all is well where ever you are!


  1. What a fabulous are so very talented! I am sure your nephew will save this and remember his special day!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...have enjoyed reading through yours! Will be back...