Saturday, August 22, 2009

Locks of Love Donation

I've wanted to cut my hair and donate to Locks of Love for many years now, but my hair would always get long, I'd get tired of it, and just cut it telling myself I'd donate next time. Well, this time I finally did it! I haven't gone with short hair (above my collar bone) in at least a decade. I e-mailed my hair stylist to ask her what she thought about short hair for me and she was fully confident that she could make me look great. I thought about it some more and finally just set up an appointment. I was more determined to cut my hair to donate (it was really long and I was getting fed up with it) than I was concerned about the length anymore. Here are my before and after pictures! I am so happy with it! It's a great length and I love my color!

Before- Looooooooong hair

After- Back View

After- Front View!

Ponytail for Donation!


  1. oh my goodness, your cut looks great and the color is gorgeous! good for you for donating to such a great organization!

  2. You look amazing! Your hair style is beautiful! A very good friend of mine donated her hair just last week! Thank you for your donation!

  3. That's wonderful! I've always wanted to do it but could never manage to keep my hair long. You look great :)