Monday, August 3, 2009

What a Fantastic Day!

Today was my daughter, Lyla's, 2nd birthday and we had an amazing day. It started off with both the kids sleeping in (nice for Mommy!). We went out for brunch to a little restaurant called Johnny Pamcakes. We had a great time. It seemed that Lyla knew it was 'her day'. She was super funny and extra cute! We came home and the kids took naps. I got a chance to work out. Then we headed to my work, Old Chicago, for an early dinner- PIZZA! The kids again were were awesome. They loved getting to meet my co-workers and vice versa. We had a special birthday cookie with ice cream there. After that we headed to Target for Lyla to pick out her present. She got a brand new Disney Princess tricycle and helmet with knee pads. We brought it home, had cake, then let Lyla ride around a bit before coming in for the night to watch "The Last Unicorn" (a movie I loved as a child and found that Lyla loves as well). Here are a couple pictures from tonight. Enjoy!

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