Friday, December 4, 2009

Advent Blog-a-long Day 4- Today Sucked.

Today started off deceivingly well. My kids were up late last night and I got to sleep in an hour. The day went severely downhill from there. I guess it started the night before when I asked someone to work my shift for me because I got a notice that I had to sign my son up for kindergarten today, Friday. My manager called to let me know that the person who was going to work for me couldn't because he was already scheduled to close (and it would be too long of a day to work open to close). That started the hassle of today.

So, I slept in, but I couldn't find my son's birth certificate that I was going to need for registration. I was late then dropping my mom's car back off to her (I had to borrow it the day before to run errands since my car battery died). Then MY car started acting up even though I had just put a brand new battery in it last night. It was idling too low and dying, the battery light was on, the power steering wasn't working, and it started overheating after driving it to work (I was already late and drove there hoping it wouldn't explode on me). I was late to work to do the books in the morning. There is a new manager training and he learned how to enter some of the daily sales info the night before. Note to self- if one person starts doing the books, they should be the one to finish it. I could not make any sense of how what he did. So, I had to go back over everything to grasp what was going on. Then the credit card sales didn't match up. Someone ran a credit card under the wrong employee number. Ugh. I got it all figured out, though. After that, I found out that my floor chart hadn't been set up the night before by the closer, so everyone was lost and didn't know where their sections were. At this time, I had not eaten anything yet. I hadn't had time for breakfast at home and we were busy enough that I couldn't eat. I didn't eat anything until about 1:45pm.

So, my relief was supposed to be in at 2pm. He showed up at 1:30pm, dawdled around for a bit, then my manager asked him to go run some errands to pick up a few things we needed to finish decorating. Yeah, left at 1:50pm and didn't get back until 2:25pm. So, instead of being able to go straight to sign my son up for kindergarten, I had to get the stupid car taken care of. I brought it back to the store I got the battery from thinking they sold me the wrong battery. Nope. He told me that situation had happened to him and he had popped a belt. Opened the hood. Sure enough! There was half my serpentine belt! So, I had to call around to find a place that would put a new belt on for me at 3pm on a friday (almost close and usually not open for the weekend). I found a place and carefully drove the car over while praying that it didn't overheat on the way over there. They started working on it and I had my mother pick me up to take me to school registration.

Kindergarten registration had the looooooongest line ever when I got there at 3:45pm. And the car place closed at 5pm. I filled out my papers and waited and waited and waited in line. I ended up having my mom go BACK to the car place with a blank check from me to get it paid for and get the key before they closed. There went $120 I wasn't planning on spending today. I picked up the car after registration (which was an emotional roller coaster in itself! I can't be old enough to have a child in kindergarten! When the heck did that happen?!). I went home to talk to Mark about the rest of the night (and the errands we still had left) to find my niece was over for a sleepover (I love her to death, but after this day, I was NOT in the mood).

I realized that tomorrow night we have Friendsgiving (Thanksgiving, but with all our friends!) tomorrow night and I have to bake pies to bring. So, I went out to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients. Then I drove ALL the way across town to the video game store that my brother-in-law's girlfriend works at to buy their last pre-owned Rock Band set for the Wii (Christmas present!). I then ordered pizza because it was going to take about 20 minutes to get there to pick it up on my way home, only to find out that he'd just had to make 40 pizzas for a school rec night and it was going to be 45 minutes until my food would be ready. So, I had to sit there waiting for a while.

Looking back on it now, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Figured out the books, worked (gotta make the money!), got the car working well (for now), got son signed up for school, got a Christmas present, got stuff for pies, got pizza for dinner. But I have to say, I cried today because it SUCKED when I was going through it all. Oh! And we had to cancel on my dad for dinner. By the way, I still haven't found the birth certificates, but was able to use the one on file from preschool (I was stressing that I was going to have to fit in a drive down town to the health department to buy a new birth certificate).

So, yes. Screw today. I'm tired- physically, emotionally, everything. I STILL don't have my pictures loaded from the camera to list new things on Etsy. And tomorrow- my one day off- I have to bake pies and make sure we're all presentable for our get-together tomorrow night. I need a day off- FOR REAL.

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a day you had. I sincerely hope that yesterday and today were better for you. Sending relaxing vibes your way :)xox