Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blog Ring Thursday- Advent BLog-a-long Day 10

Time for another EART Team blog ring! Today's question-

What are your favorite colors to work with? Is it hard to work outside of your favorites?

I tend to use black a lot. Dichroic glass comes with black and clear glass as a base, so that makes it an easy choice. I also like earth tones. I tend to chose a cream color over a pure white. I pull patterns and designs from nature, so that lends itself easy to those kinds of colors as well. I do find it kind of hard to work outside my favorites. I usually just try to create a picture or idea that may have popped into my head and I struggle to find inspiration if I have a project that has a color palette outside of my norms.

Head on over to Diva Dea to see what her favorite colors to use are:

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  1. ooo I'd love to see some candy themed ones! a nice bold lollipop! hahaha!!! I'm sugar obsessed!